ACS Digital is the production brand and brainchild of Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Lauren Marie Bertoni, Founders of Actors Comedy Studio in Los Angeles. As a creative powerhouse comprised of actors, writers, singers, composers and content creators, our goal is to produce accessible and original content that showcases our experience and expertise.

While we seek new avenues of financing stronger production values, we stand behind our writing, acting and musical composition. There is a broad base of talent amongst our team who are increasingly making inroads in all aspects of the industry.

With our official launch of our first set of MiniComs™ in Q3 2015, we were eager to showcase our dedication to traditional sitcoms. With a second season under our belt in 2016, we are excited to become the leading producers of short form situational comedies shot in front of a live studio audience! The laughter is real. So is the talent. 

ACS Digital also features a bi-weekly blog, INKSLINGER and our in-house podcast, Comedy Death Star with host Denzil Meyers, featuring an all star line up of comedians.


Actors Comedy Studio was founded by Gunnar Todd Rohrbacher and Lauren Marie Bertoni with a single, focused goal: to provide actors with a platform to hone the art of scripted comedy.

Actors Comedy Studio is a place for actors, creatives & entertainers to learn and grow. Our foundation is rooted in comedy and our methods and techniques have proven the tests of time and sound. We are immensely qualified instructors with practical, real world experience.

Above all else, we have a strong passion for what we do. We favor methods of teaching that ignite our students into action, allowing them to delve deeper into themselves, others, and understand both the subtle nuances and the big picture of the entertainment industry as a whole.